• Early Breakfast with Ray Godby
    6:00 am - 8:00 am
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  Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus

Season 5 Eps 91&92

  • Vicky and Laura ask Chantelle if she’s up for a girls’ night out – Red Lion and Red Fort
  • Chantelle’s about to refuse – then in walks Alastair with an envelope full of cash
  • Isn’t it time you took a break, says Sam to Sharon. You’ve been flat out all day…
  • Thanks, says Sharon. I need to FaceTime Bianca. I’ll go in the staff room to do it
  • They decide to hold a Christmas party on 09.12 to thank presenters for a great start
  • Discuss who they should nominate for the Community Broadcasting Awards. Ryan for Best Male Presenter. Kylie for Best Female. Gala for Best Outside Broadcast.
  • Fiona is looking forward to her first Christmas with Jasper. You must both come to Penistone for Christmas Day, says Raymond. Of course, Charlotte won’t mind…
  • If you’re sure, says Fiona. The more the merrier, says Raymond. She’ll love it…
  • Mario and Sam announce that she’s quitting Wavelengths to focus on the band
  • Mario says that Matt wants them all to do the same, or he’ll pull the plug
  • Judy’s on track to open Circle of Life on 16.12. It’s in Charlotte’s diary
  • It’s the earliest she can do – but she’ll be able to get at least some Christmas trade
Season 5 Eps 91&92