• Early Breakfast with Ray Godby
    6:00 am - 8:00 am
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Season 5 Eps 93&94

  • The lovers are having breakfast. Harry has stayed over, and they are relaxed
  • Carmella admits, when asked, that she’s glad he persuaded her to give him a chance
  • Bob says he has been to see Fiona who has admitted that Robbie is the father
  • He makes Dan promise to keep it secret. He’s not going to tell Judy and Dan mustn’t tell Laura. He promised Fiona. Dan agrees, but predicts it’s going to be hard for Bob
  • Duncan and PC Evans are having lunch. Admiring the view of Edinburgh Castle…
  • This wine’s lovely. How decadent – drinking wine at lunchtime! We deserve it….
  • Jordan has been working through Charlotte’s postbag, inbox, and social media feeds.
  • Most of it’s positive, but there are a few negative messages about her stance on gender equality. One or two are quite offensive – she shows Charlotte
  • Raymond is chatting to Duncan and PC Evans, when Laura comes into the pub…
  • She’s meeting Vicky and Chantelle, for a girls’ night out, but they haven’t yet arrived
  • The newlyweds are looking forward to their first Christmas in their own home
  • They decide to invite Raymond, Charlotte and Carmella to Christmas dinner
Season 5 Eps 93&94