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  Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor

Season 5 – Eps 95 & 96

  • Laura and Alyson discuss Judy’s shampoo bars and agree they’re nice to use
  • They smell great, leave customers’ hair clean and shiny – and they last for ages…
  • Alastair is cooking dinner and being charming. Chantelle is relaxed and happy…
  • She thanks him for paying her back. He says money stuff will be much simpler once they’re married and have a joint account. Chantelle quickly changes the subject…
  • Adam asks Mabel and The Edge to do a live programme on Radio Huntsford
  • He would like them to do an interview – local band with great prospects. They could talk about their recording contract, future plans etc.
  • It’s late in the evening. Raymond comes home from Fiona’s to find Charlotte there
  • She got home two hours ago, has had a few drinks and is upset that he wasn’t home
  • The boys nervously confess to Duncan that they’re quitting the pub to focus on the band. Duncan’s upset at first, then admits he saw it coming.
  • Anyone can work in a bar, but not everyone can be in a successful band…
  • Judy discovers Bob on his laptop, looking at Christmas gifts for babies…
  • What are you doing? Nothing, says Bob – just searched on the wrong thing…
Season 5 - Eps 95 & 96