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  Our House by Madness

Season 5 – Eps 99&100

  • Mario and Tommy tell Matt about the live programme on Radio Huntsford…
  • Matt’s angry – why didn’t you clear it with me? I’m putting together a marketing plan for next year’s album and tour, and what Radio Huntsford doesn’t figure in it!
  • Jordan’s making Ryan dinner to try and mend things between them.
  • Tells Ryan about the hate mail that Charlotte has been received. He’s sympathetic.
  • Judy tells Charlotte about Bob searching for baby gifts. She’s worried that he could somehow be involved with Fiona’s baby. He couldn’t – be the father, could he?
  • Charlotte laughs. I’m the one who should be worried. It’s more likely to be Raymond
  • The boys watch Duncan flirting with PC Evans. My Dad has a better love life than me
  • Tell me about it, says Mario. I’m the newly wed, but Mum’s all loved up with some bloody delivery guy. She answered the door the other day, practically naked!
  • Matt relents and tells the band they came over very well. Live performance good
  • He was impressed by the production – community radio’s better than he thought
  • It’s the store opening ceremony. Judy makes a short welcoming speech…
  • Hands over to Charlotte, who makes an impassioned speech about how Huntsford needs to go green. It’s quite full-on – she tells the townspeople they need to ‘step up’ and says that the town is ‘behind the curve’ on environmental issues
Season 5 - Eps 99&100