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    11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Season 5 Eps 11&12

  • The wedding couple plus parents are checking out the wedding venue together
  • Charlotte and Raymond point out faults – peeling paint, dirty windows. Charlotte’s sure she saw a mouse dropping on the floor…
  • Bob has heard from Robbie – he and Fernanda have moved on to Belize
  • They’re staying in an all inclusive hotel and going diving. Here they are on the beach.
  • Duncan serves Adam and remarks on Chantelle and Alastair seated in the corner
  • Adam says that there’s something not quite right about Alastair…
  • Charlotte’s stressed – she’s had another letter from the residents of the alms houses, complaining about noise late at night from people leaving Victoria Hall…
  • That’s a police matter, says Jordan. I’ve already made a note to call PC Evans…
  • The kitchen and living room look great now they’re finished, Bob grudgingly admits…
  • Judy has finalised the plans for the bathroom – would Bob like to take a look?
  • The two are having a meeting re: the radio station. Adam has started work on the website, applied for the licence and identified a location – offices above Victoria Hall
  • Heather has come up with a list of presenters and slots. MP phone-in with Charlotte
Huntingdon Community Radio
Season 5 Eps 11&12