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Season 6 – Eps 29&30

  • The four are having a cocktail before the awards ceremony. Adam and Heather have gone ahead. Tommy and Kylie are out together. No-one has seen them since lunch
  • Carmella says it’s a big treat to have a weekend in London and attend an awards ceremony. Didn’t ever expect to attend one of those. She won’t win, of course…
  • They have put the kids to bed and are having dinner. Laura mentions Chantelle
  • It’s weird – she says she has memory problems, but Laura can’t see it at all
  • The group are at the ceremony. Heather’s annoyed that Kylie and Tommy have turned up drunk. I hope she doesn’t win, she whispers to Carmella. She’ll show us up
  • Arts and Creative award is announced. Carmella gets Highly Commended. She’s amazed. Doesn’t have to take the podium – just gets mentioned.
  • Sarah introduces Neil who has been brought in from the Met to work on the case
  • He is a DCI who has extensive experience of high-profile cases and is media trained
  • The band are finalising their tour dates and details with Matt. The boys tease Ryan
  • Now he’s an award-winning DJ, he’ll need an upgrade on his hotel room – big suite
  • Bob comes home. Judy’s packing – what’s going on? She says she followed him…
  • Saw him going into Fiona’s house with a toy truck for the baby. Has suspected the two of them for some time but now she has proof. He’s the father of Jasper…
Season 6 - Eps 29&30