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Season 6 – Eps 31&32

  • The renovation work on the two shops has started. Both women are excited
  • Laura suggests they put a sign in the window, to start a teaser campaign for their state-of-the-art beauty salon and spa. That’ll set the people of Huntsford talking…
  • Duncan asks Heather and Adam how the awards ceremony went. Kylie was disappointed not to win, according to Tommy…
  • Heather says she was grateful she didn’t as she was so drunk – so was Tommy
  • Mario and Sam plead with Matt to get Ryan back after his walk-out
  • As the lead guitarist, he’s essential to the band – he has a unique sound
  • Raymond teases that he knows all about the ‘Hunstford Hunk’. Enjoying himself…
  • Finally reveals Neil is a plain clothes Met police officer working on Charlotte’s case
  • Bob tells Fiona that he has shared the secret of Jasper’s birth with Judy
  • Fiona’s annoyed, but Judy fights back. The secret nearly broke them up. You’ve no right to ask people to lie to their own partners. By the way, Dan knows too…
  • Mum is making dinner with her daughter. Comfortable cooking together; happy
  • Bianca says both her jobs are going well now – although the pub gig was hard at first
Season 6 - Eps 31&32