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  I Love You Because by Jim Reeves

Season 6 – Eps 3&4

  • Jordan comes home. She’s exhausted after fielding countless enquiries about Charlotte, and obviously she’s upset and traumatised by what has happened.
  • Ryan has got the dinner on. He’s calm and reassuring – Charlotte will be OK.
  • Dan is back from his course on servicing electric cars and is fired with enthusiasm
  • Bob’s says Dan should focus on electric cars, and he’ll concentrate on vintage cars
  • Vicky’s very scared. Confesses she witnessed Charlotte being hit by a white van
  • We’ve got it on CCTV says Sarah, The registration plate was obscured by mud…
  • Father and daughter are exhausted – then they notice Charlotte’s eyelids flicker.
  • She’s coming round! Raymond leans over her – don’t crowd her, warns Sam.
  • Judy’s accountant says Circle of Life had a good Christmas – and NY is looking good
  • Judy wants to hire someone to help, but she understands Bob’s caution re: costs
  • The pub has closed – PC Evans tells Duncan that Vicky witnessed Charlotte being knocked off her bicycle by a white van – she knows whose it is and is scared
  • Her husband has warned her not to speak to the police – last straw, marriage is over
Season 6 - Eps 3&4