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  Make Your Own Kind Of Music by Paloma Faith

Season 6 – Eps 35&36

  • Matt backs down. He’s willing for Ryan to stay in the band and continue to present on Radio Huntsford, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the album and tour
  • Ryan’s gracious. He says he’ll arrange a stand-in presenter for when they’re on tour
  • Jordan has called a meeting of Huntsford Cycle Club. She explains that Charlotte as asked her to drive the cycle lane campaign, although Charlotte will still front it…
  • She’s preparing a submission to the council – needs them to provide content
  • Raymond calls round to see Fiona – but she’s out, and Bob is babysitting
  • Raymond’s surprised by the choice of babysitter – asks Bob, why him? He didn’t realise Fiona and Bob knew each other so well. Thought she would have asked him
  • Bianca shows Judy the stats from the new social media feeds. The numbers are good
  • Business is looking sweet – but how are things with Bob? You going to ditch him?
  • Alastair introduces himself to Neil. Offers to buy him a drink. Is he new around here?
  • Yes, says Neil. Great – you can take over from me as new boy, says Alastair
  • Vicky and Duncan are shutting up shop. Sarah is in bed. Vicky reminds Duncan about looking after the pub overnight. In a few weeks, she should be ready to give it a go…
  • Pete is still hassling her, but less so as he’s starting to realise she’s not coming back
Season 6 - Eps 35&36