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Season 6 – Eps 45&46

  • Trevor pours Neil his usual. Neil says he’s meeting Alastair, so might need rescuing
  • Alastair turns up and refunds the money for Chantelle’s shopping. She’s so forgetful
  • Doreen turns up for her shift. She tells Duncan and Trevor that her blog is doing very well. One of her followers is a TV exec who loves her Harley-related posts…
  • He has asked her to prepare a pitch for a TV programme – travels around Scotland
  • Fiona’s glad to be out with the girls – apologises for having been difficult lately
  • Everyone sympathises – it’s hard being a new, first-time Mum. Especially when you don’t have a partner to help you, Chantelle suggests gently
  • The renovation is going well. Equipment is being installed – jacuzzis, nail bar etc.
  • Chantelle says they need to start the publicity. Agreed, says Laura. But first they need to decide on range of treatments, treatment packages, pricing, loyalty schemes
  • Mario’s complaining about Matt. Treating us like students; minibus and grotty B&Bs
  • Can’t believe he expects me to share with the others when you have your own room
  • Trevor has been online every day with his new squeeze – often for hours. Loved up
  • He thinks Dylan could be ‘the one.’ They have the same tastes in clothes, music etc
Season 6 - Eps 45&46