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Season 6 – Eps 47&48

  • Jordan pops in for a coffee and updates Carmella on the cycle lanes campaign
  • She has prepared a briefing document for Huntsford Council – will Carmella review?
  • Bianca has a three-hour Business Studies ‘A’ Level exam coming up next Monday
  • She apologises to her Mum for being a pain in the run-up to the exams
  • Raymond confronts Charlotte. We need to talk. You’ve been avoiding me for ages
  • What about? What you were insinuating when I told you Robbie was Jasper’s father
  • Trevor is in for a trim. Tells Sharon his new look has been a game-changer for him
  • He met his online date Dylan for the first time in Cambridge. Had a great time
  • Chantelle mentions in passing that Laura will be doing the accounts for new salon
  • Alastair is not impressed. Why didn’t you ask me? Laura isn’t an accountant
  • Ryan tries to wake Tommy up for band practice. He’s comatose and won’t stir
  • Asks Jordan to help. She chucks a glass of water over Tom. He wakes up, outraged
Season 6 - Eps 47&48