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Season 6 – Eps 55&56

  • Judy and Bianca talk about the positive social media response to Circle of Life
  • The shop is busy, and Judy is considering an online business like Bianca suggested
  • Heather comes in. Tells Duncan she’s meeting Neil for a drink. Third date, going well. Take my advice, says Duncan. Don’t look too keen, too quickly. Keep your cool…
  • Don’t worry, says Heather. I’m too old to lose my head. No one is, replies Duncan
  • The band are waiting to go onstage for their first gig. Tommy is in the loo being sick
  • Sam and Mario tell Matt how nervous he is and how none of them can help
  • Alyson and Sharon have popped in to buy a sandwich. Carmella asks about Fiona
  • Is it true that Robbie is Jasper’s father? Straight up – she told me herself says Sharon
  • Dan asks how the wedding plans are going. Slowly says Bob, which is how we want it
  • Alastair and Chantelle are having a Christmas wedding. Bob’s fine for them to go first
  • The women are showing Alastair around the new salon. He admits it looks smart
  • Chantelle takes a phone call. While she’s talking, Alastair tackles Laura re: accounts
Season 6 - Eps 55&56