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  Cake By The Ocean by DNCE

Season 6 – Eps 5&6

  • Jordan has visited Charlotte in hospital – recovering slowly. She’s grateful to Jordan for holding the fort, fielding messages, clearing diary, fending off the press etc.
  • People in Westminster have praised her for how well she has handled the situation
  • Fiona has to bring Jasper into work – childminder is sick. The others coo over him…
  • The cooing stops once Jasper starts screaming his head off. Fiona tries to calm him down but he’s having none of it. She gets stressed…thinks she’ll have to go home
  • Chantelle tells Alastair she’s not giving him access to her savings account
  • The money is earmarked for a new business venture – not for luxury holidays
  • Judy delivers a new consignment of shampoo bars to Laura and asks to see Sharon
  • She asks Sharon whether Bianca would like a Saturday job at Circle of Life
  • The café has closed and the two are clearing up. Remember how I said this year was going to be different for me, says Vicky. I’ve got something to tell you…
  • Last night I walked out on Pete. I’m renting Jordan’s old room at the Red Lion…
  • Bob has heard about Fiona having to take Jasper into the salon and him screaming.
  • Next time, please ask him for help. He is his own boss and can be flexible…
Season 6 - Eps 5&6