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Season 6 – Eps 57&58

  • It’s afternoon and the pub is quiet, so the two friends are practising for Doreen’s TV series. Doreen is doing a piece to camera, pretending she’s in Scotland
  • She’s very formal at first – facts, figures etc. – until Trevor tells her to be herself…
  • Neil has asked to meet Heather for a drink. He apologises for upsetting her last time
  • Then he explains that he doesn’t want to get tied down. Not in his line of work…
  • Sarah sees Neil sitting on his own. Are you OK? Yes – just fell out with Heather
  • The rules of engagement are different here from in London. Yes, agrees Sarah
  • The women show Dan the finished salon. He’s really positive; excited for them
  • They’re nervous about the upcoming launch party, but he reassures them
  • Ryan calls Jordan. It’s an hour until they go onstage, but Tommy has gone AWOL
  • Either he won’t show, or he’ll turn up half cut. Jordan defends her brother. He probably just needed some time to himself. You always think the worst of him…
  • Chantelle arrives home. Alastair grumbles that she’s late. Has ordered a takeaway
  • Wants Chantelle to look through some brochures – florists, Highland Dress for him…
Season 6 - Eps 57&58