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Season 6 – Eps 61&62

  • Jordan calls round unexpectedly to see Charlotte and Raymond together
  • Reiterates her belief that Charlotte has PTSD resulting from her accident
  • Heather comes in and books the works – leg and bikini wax, facial, pedicure etc.
  • Chantelle and Laura ask if it’s for a special occasion and she tells them that she and Adam are now an item, so she wants to look her best for him
  • Matt shares the recent reviews with the band. They’re good, so he’s pleased
  • However, the best reviews are for Sam – her singing, looks and stage presence
  • Ryan phones Jordan and complains about the conflict on tour. He’s fed up
  • Jordan is too. She confides that commuting to London is getting her down and she’s fed up with Westminster backstabbing. Reluctantly admits she misses him
  • Fiona tells Raymond she has asked Bob to babysit a few times over coming weeks
  • She knows Raymond loves spending time with Jasper, but Bob does too, and he is Jasper’s biological grandfather, so she feels obliged…
  • The pair are making dinner and discussing Alastair. They’re both suspicious of him…
  • Laura says how unpleasant he was when he discovered she was doing the accounts
Season 6 - Eps 61&62