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Season 7 – Eps 59&60

  • The pair check that they’re all set for their wedding next month. They’re excited
  • Victoria Hall is booked, as are the caterers. Outfits, cars and guest list are all sorted
  • Tommy calls. He’s distraught and drunk. Explains re: Matt’s offer to manage Ryan
  • Says Matt called him and Mario nonentities. He’s even worse than Tommy thought
  • Judy comes into the salon. Says she and Bob were just finalising their wedding plans
  • She can really look forward to it now because – look! Her hair’s growing back!
  • Bianca comes to see Duncan about Tommy. Tells him about their conversation
  • She says Tom hinted that something had happened to him in prison which causes him to drink and use when things get tough. She thinks Duncan ought to know
  • Mario confronts Matt. Tom has told him how Matt offered Ryan a management deal
  • Matt is unruffled. This is business, he says – and Ryan’s a good business prospect
  • The couple have decided to tell the police about Darren and Vicky. They’re nervous
  • They tell Neil what they know – then ask him to keep quiet about their visit to him
Season 7 - Eps 59&60