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Season 7 – Eps 63&64

  • Sharon comes in to buy her favourite scented candles. Sees Moll’s poster re: yoga
  • Kundalini yoga – sounds rude, she says. Moll explains it is most spiritual yoga type
  • Bob’s having a few drinks for his mates. Didn’t want a full-on stag do. Too old!
  • Trevor is joining in – Doreen is looking after the bar so he can let his hair down
  • Fiona’s waiting for Chantelle. Dor asks when they’re going to meet the famous Barry
  • Fiona confesses that he’s Scottish – doesn’t want to remind Chantelle of Alastair
  • Bianca helps Sharon prepare the material for her comedy show on Radio Huntsford
  • Discusses various anecdotes re: East End life and Huntsford people. Bianca advises her whether they’re suitable for broadcasting or too risqué. No swearing allowed!
  • The pair have had dinner and are enjoying a nightcap under the stars. Slightly tipsy
  • Talk about their jobs. Sarah says hers is frustrating. They know who killed Heather…
  • Fiona comes in for a massage with Chantelle. Tells Laura she’s stressed from work
  • During the massage, Fi tells Chantelle about Barry being Scottish – fears hurting her
Season 7 - Eps 63&64