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Season 7 – Eps 67&68

  • Charlotte calls. Tour’s going great, says Sam, but Matt and Mario are still fighting
  • Talking of fights, says Charlotte…relates how Raymond asked to buy a motorbike
  • Carmella says she’s taking Harry out for dinner – to say thank you for help in café
  • She knows she’s given him a hard time, but her standards are high. He’s done well
  • Judy is making dinner when the doorbell rings. Bob goes to answer it
  • Comes back puzzled. It’s a telegram. Didn’t realise they still did them these days
  • The pair are enjoying themselves. Duncan is no longer grumpy re: Heather suspect
  • He has even been jet skiing! Sarah teases him, then they talk about their jobs
  • Charlotte says she has reflected, and she is now OK with Raymond getting a bike
  • She has been selfish, making everything about her. Understandable, says Raymond
  • Tom calls Bianca. He has been drinking. Tour’s going well but the atmosphere is bad
  • He struggling to cope, but he doesn’t want to leave – or be thrown out by Matt
Season 7 - Eps 67&68