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Season 7 – Eps 79&80

  • Matt calls to give Sam feedback on her meeting with the famous actress re: singing
  • The actress felt she ‘really bonded’ with Sam and the director was very impressed
  • The two buddies are midway through the elite race and have arrived at the pitstop
  • They tuck into bananas, jellybeans and flapjacks and say it’s harder than expected
  • Chantelle is keeping Adam company – he’s a marshal located on the ring road
  • He says the strong wind has been bothering the cyclists, along with the potholes
  • Chantelle and Adam have been to visit Laura. How’s she doing, ask Trev and Doreen
  • She’s out of intensive care, where she was taken due to severe concussion. She has a complex fracture to her foot and is in great pain, so they’re keeping her in for now
  • Dan’s distraught. Tells Laura that seeing her in the ICU was the worst thing ever
  • He’ll never take her for granted again. She’s the most important thing in his life
  • The two are about to do a dawn raid and arrest someone for Heather’s murder
  • Neil reassures Sarah. They’ve got the evidence and the family liaison officer has updated Adam. Officers are stationed at all possible escape routes. It’ll be fine