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Season 7 – Eps 81&82

  • Sarah returns to the pub to catch Vicky before she starts work at Carmella’s
  • She explains that Pete was arrested in a dawn raid on suspicion of Heather’s murder
  • Harry has brought his van in for a service. Dan rushes in late; apologises to Bob
  • It’s a nightmare looking after the kids on his own while Laura’s in hospital
  • Jordan and Ryan discuss how Tom was abused in prison. Jordan thinks he has PTSD
  • She’s hoping to get him help through her and Charlotte’s charity partners
  • The couple discuss Vicky’s reaction to Pete’s arrest – how she didn’t believe it
  • Of course, she didn’t, says Alyson. No one likes to think they were married to a killer
  • Ryan has brought Moll and Sharon in to talk about their forthcoming radio shows
  • Sharon wants to feature guests eg: Trevor and Doreen – to get some banter going
  • The couple are enjoying a curry and talking about the arrest of Pete Sanderson
  • Fiona tells Barry she knew Heather well, and is shocked that this could happen here
Season 7 - Eps 81&82