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Season 7 – Eps 83&84

    • Laura’s out of hospital. She’s wearing a boot, but she insists that she’s fit to work
    • Chantelle has rearranged their appointments so Laura can work sitting down
      • Vicky thanks Carmella for offering her compassionate leave after Pete’s arrest
      • She couldn’t face people at first, but she knows she can’t hide away forever
        • Matt tells the band members that they need to start working on the new album
        • Mario says he’s writing some new songs, and Matt says that Keanu is doing the same
        • Tommy comes in for a drink – an alcohol-free beer. Duncan asks how he is
        • Tom says that Jordan has been awesome. She has put him in touch with people who are already helping him. She and Charlotte are doing the same for lots of others
        • Mario complains about Keanu writing songs for the album and coming to Huntsford
        • Look at it another way says Sam. It’s your chance to get to know him. He’s a nice guy
        • Laura tells Charlotte of her plan to lobby the Council to repair the potholes
        • Carmella said that she might be able to help – suggest the right people to approach
Season 7 - Eps 83&84