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Season 7 – Eps 85&86

  • Sharon comes in and her colleagues complement her on her first comedy show
  • It aired on Radio Huntsford last night and they all listened in. She was excellent
  • Vicky hopes Adam doesn’t minding her coming, but she had to find out how he was
  • Adam reassures her – he’s glad to see her, as he’s been wondering how she’s coping
  • Ryan is producing Moll’s first programme on all matters to do with spirituality
  • It’s being pre-recorded, but Moll’s confident she won’t need many takes. She begins
  • Barry is playing with Jasper. Fiona worries he should be talking by now. He’s two
  • He’ll talk in his own time, says Barry. Won’t you, Jasper? Then Raymond shows up
  • Vicky says she spoke to Darren. He says he knew ‘something bad happened with Heather’ which is why he moved to Milton Keynes. Should she tell the police?
  • Sam orders a drink, then asks Duncan if Keanu can rent the spare room in the pub
  • Explains that he’s going to be collaborating on the songs for the new album
Season 7 - Eps 85&86