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Season 8 – Eps 29&30

  • Carmella is having a manicure with Laura, who remarks on Harry’s fitness campaign
  • He’s done really well, she says. Reveals that she did his chest wax and spray tan
  • Fiona confesses that she has arranged to meet Jade at a club in Cambridge tonight
  • Don’t read too much into it – they just want to catch up. The others are sceptical
  • Sam visits Mario and begs him to come home. Mario demands she quit the band
  • When she refuses, he says he’s staying where he is. She and Tom are traitors etc.
  • Raymond comes in for vitamins; complains about theft of the hair loss products
  • The women know all about it – Sharon told Bianca, who told Judy. They’re gutted
  • Carmella tells Vicky that Laura has seen Harry virtually naked during his treatments
  • Harry delivered her leaflets and now he’s joined the pedestrianisation action group
  • Shazza and Alyson ask Fiona how her night out with Jade went. Trev’s all ears…
  • When Fiona reveals that Jade messaged her to cancel while she was on the way there, Sharon’s triumphant. There you go! I told you she was bad news!
Season 8 - Eps 29&30