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Season 8 – Eps 45&46

  • The couple have seen that Sam and Mario’s house is up for sale – at a great price
  • Jordan suggests they buy it. The royalties from Edison Gray would fund the deposit
  • The pair are early for rehearsal. Tommy says he never used to be early for anything
  • When he was drinking and using, people couldn’t count on him even to show up…
  • The former lovers meet for lunch. Sparks fly. Jade tells Fiona her career is going well
  • Fiona says Wavelengths is too – and now she has Jasper. Shows cute baby photos
  • Barry is enjoying some of Moll’s Moldovan wine. He thanks her for inviting him
  • It sounds disloyal, but it’s nice to have a night off from Jasper – and Fiona
  • yan calls Matt. Unexpectedly, Matt’s friendly. Congratulates him re: Edison Gray hit
  • Ryan asks if Sam can play Huntsford Gala, but says he knows the answer will be ‘no’
  • Laura is still devastated by Dan’s revelation that he has been caught stealing
  • He stole Raymond’s hair products, Charlotte’s charity donation – and the charity box
Season 8 - Eps 45&46