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Season 8 – Eps 5&6

  • Matt tells the boys that he wants them to ditch the name Mabel and the Edge
  • OK for a local band, but things have changed. They’re bigger, so need a new name
  • Raymond has asked the three to meet in the café to discuss the Council’s plans
  • He’s horrified by the proposals for a pedestrianised town centre. How do they feel?
  • The three are discussing the Christmas cabaret. They’ve had some great feedback
  • They’ve all been stopped in the street by people saying they loved it and want more
  • Bianca has developed a website to sell the Wavelengths range of hair loss products
  • It has a medical look and feel. There’s an online shop and a customer loyalty scheme
  • The two are unpacking boxes that have been left outside the charity shop overnight
  • There is some good stuff, although sadly no valuable vinyl this time round
  • Jordan is presenting the monthly charity management information to Charlotte
  • Revenue is up, and there’s a surge every time Charlotte is featured in the media
Season 8 - Eps 5&6