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The Cambridge Club Festival 2021 – Heatwave

The HCR team caught up with the disco era legends that are Heatwave, famous for their funky sound. With a string of disco hits that we still know and love from the late 70’s onwards, they continue to tour their live show in the UK.

So a set full of 70’s classics and rather appropriately, it was sunny and warm for their Saturday afternoon set. They created that real sense of disco energy and rhythm but with that clean and fresh 21st century production. We interviewed them backstage afterwards, and they were full of the joys of live performance, their mainstay for the last 40 years, and talked about how they have kept their sound very focused and true to its origins.

WIth thanks to Heatwave members Gordon Hulbert, Kevin Sutherland and Hudson Phillips.

Interview: Paul Askew
Recording: Tom Askew

The Cambridge Club Festival 2021 – Heatwave