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The Sky TOnight – 7th September 2021

The Sky Tonight’s edition this month features the planned civilian crew launch of Inspiration 4 that will orbit the earth for three days later this month (now successfully completed) and the ongoing saga of the James Webb telescope that will (we think) launch next month. We also check out the progress of the Artemis program to return humankind to the moon in 2024 and more of those terms and phrases astronomers use – what is the Karman Line, the Van Allen Belt and the Oort Cloud?

And in the September night sky, there’s the ‘harvest’ moon and Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn to look out for, with Venus getting easier to see now soon after sunset.

We also give a roundup of events taking place at local astronomy associations in particular our own Cambridge and St Neots local groups.

Our next look at the night sky will be on Tuesday October 5th at 19:00 and don’t forget, if you want the answer to a question, email skytonight@hcrfm.co.uk and do our best to include it in next month’s show.

The Sky Tonight
The Sky Tonight
The Sky TOnight - 7th September 2021