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S6 – Eps 27&28

  • Adam sees Heather looking at evening dresses online. She asks him for his opinion
  • They’re OK, but a bit frumpy. I think you should go for something more glamorous
  • The couple are looking at the artwork for their new album cover. They like it…
  • You look fit, says Sam. You’ll be fighting off the groupies once we go on tour…
  • Chantelle’s embarrassed – didn’t have enough money to pay contractor
  • She was £30 short and can’t work out why – she counted the money so carefully
  • The boys are discussing their album cover over a beer. Tom says he’s a babe magnet
  • Remember you’re with Kylie though, Mario says. She’s a great girl – too good for you
  • Sharon is doing Judy’s hair. Tells him about her pursuit of the gorgeous Neil…
  • Judy tells her about Bob and his secrecy, and confesses she’s thinking of leaving
  • On Adam’s advice, Heather has bought a dress for the awards ceremony
  • It has been delivered to the studio – she shows him. Isn’t it a bit much?