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Chicken Fricassee

Credit: Photo by Kirsty Redden of Lovetocook4ppl

Chicken Fricassee with charred cabbage

This is a wonderful heart warming chicken dish that will serve 2 people


2 Chicken Supremes or chicken breasts with skin on

6 slices chopped bacon

2 small onions chopped

10 chestnut mushrooms chopped

3 cloves garlic chopped

1 tsp garlic salt

3 tbs plain flour

120ml dry white wine

420 ml chicken stock

1 knob butter

3 savoy cabbage leaves chopped

120ml double light elmlea cream

1 tsp dried parsley

8 pickled onions


  • Brown your chicken Supremes on both sides then set aside
  • In the same pan, fry your bacon and onions
  • Add in garlic salt & chopped garlic pan fry for few minutes
  • Add knob of butter and chopped mushrooms, pan fry until golden
  • Add flour and stir until absorbed
  • Pour in white wine and scrape up all bits in pan
  • Slowly add your chicken stock a small amount at a time until absorbed
  • Add in your pickled onions & put the chicken back in the pan
  • Add your cream and place in oven for 30 mins on 175℃
  • In a dry hot pan , gently char your Savoy cabbage and add to finished dish
  • Sprinkle with dried parsley
  • Serve with rice, potatoes or crusty bread

This recipe is from Kirsty Redden.  Kirsty is a Cambridge food blogger and home cook, her recipes can be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and a great new recipe site called Cookly Bookly as Lovetocook4ppl