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Greek Lamb Pasta Bake

Credit: Photo by Claire Louise Obee
Greek Lamb Pasta Bake
Serves  2
 2x garlic cloves
1x brown onion
1x tbsp dried oregano
1x tsp cinnamon
1x beef stock cube
30g tomato paste
200g penne pasta
15 ml balsamic vinegar
250g lamb mince
100g cheddar cheese
30g flour
30g butter
Pre heat oven to 200c (fan)
Peel garlic
chop the onion
Dissolve beef stock in 300ml of boiled water and add tomato paste
Add the pasta to cook according to instructions
Fry the beef mince till brown
Add onion and use a garlic press to add the garlic fry till onions are soft
Add oregano and cinnamon for 1min till fragrant
Add the tomato stock for 5 mins
While you tomato stock is cooking in the beef now it’s times to make your white sauce.
Melt 30g butter stir in 30g plain flour to make a paste then gradually whisk 350ml till smooth melt in a half the cheese.
Once the pasta is cooked add it to the mince / stock. Add it into a pie dish and layer your white sauce on top finishing with your cheese!
Bake in oven for 20mins till golden brown.
Serve with salad and dressing mixing balsamic vinger / 2tbsp of olive oil.
Recipe from Tom French