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Korean Fried Chicken

Credit: Photo by Kate Dickinson

Korean fried chicken is one of the trendy food items right now in Canada.

This recipe serves 4 people,


4 boneless, skinless chicken thighs, cut into approximately 40 gram pieces

For the coating 

60 millilitres of potato starch

60 millilitres of rice flour

Half a teaspoon of baking soda

1 egg


For the sauce

60ml   Gochi jang (Korean chili paste)

60ml   Tamari soy sauce (gluten free)

60ml   Rice vinegar

50g     Brown sugar

5pcs   Garlic, coursly chopped

15g     Ginger, coursly chopped

60ml   Sesame oil

60ml   Ketchup


For the Garnish

1 tbsp Cilantro, chopped

1 tsp   Roasted white sesame seeds


For the sauce

Place all of the ingredients in blender, blend at a high speed until smooth

For the coating

Mix together all of the dry ingredients


Wash the chicken pieces with cold water.  Keep it a little wet and season with salt and black pepper

Place the chicken in a bowl, add half of the dry mixture, crack the egg into this and mix by hand until the chicken is fully coated

Add the rest of the dry mixture

Deep fry chicken at 200 degrees C until it’s cooked.  This should take Approx 2-3 min.

Toss the fried chicken in a bowl with the sauce until evenly covered

Sprinkle the cilantro and roasted sesame seeds and serve

Now enjoy.

This recipe is from Tak Ito, my brother in law, originally from Japan but who now lives in Canada.  Tak was an executive chef at various hotels over 27 years. He now left the hotel business and joined Blue Mountain Solutions which is my sister Theresa’s company as a culinary business advisor to help local chefs.

The picture you’ll see on the website was taken by my niece, Kate Dickinson.  This has been a real family affair, I hope you enjoy it.