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Radio soap set in a small market town called Huntsford in the middle of the English countryside. Huntsford lives in a parallel universe version of our world, which is necessarily fictitious. Whilst Huntsford picks up on themes and issues that have a resonance here today, it simultaneously provides an escape from our here and now.

Season 7 – Eps 3&4

17th January 2023 Sue Rodwell Smith 0
Sarah’s invited everyone round so Neil can brief them. Duncan’s getting a takeaway Police Scotland are investigating the claims against Alastair. Will take a while… […]

Season 6 Eps 101&102

26th December 2022 Sue Rodwell Smith 0
The hairdressers are exhausted. They order the Christmas mulled wine from Trevor Sharon says she doesn’t feel that Christmassy. They agree that this year, Christmas […]

S6 Eps 11&12

14th February 2022 Sue Rodwell Smith 0
PC Evans has asked Vicky to come down to the station for a follow-up interview Challenges Vicky – how does she know whose van was […]

S6 Eps 9&10

14th February 2022 Sue Rodwell Smith 0
Charlotte is home from hospital. She’s frail – still suffering from aftermath of head injury. She also has several broken ribs and extensive bruising. Moving […]

Season 6 – Eps 7&8

31st January 2022 Sue Rodwell Smith 0
PC Evans advises Raymond – the police have new evidence re: Charlotte ‘accident’ They’re treating it as suspicious – CID are investigating. Can’t say much […]

Season 6 – Eps 5&6

24th January 2022 Sue Rodwell Smith 0
Jordan has visited Charlotte in hospital – recovering slowly. She’s grateful to Jordan for holding the fort, fielding messages, clearing diary, fending off the press […]

Season 6 – Eps 3&4

17th January 2022 Sue Rodwell Smith 0
Jordan comes home. She’s exhausted after fielding countless enquiries about Charlotte, and obviously she’s upset and traumatised by what has happened. Ryan has got the […]

Season 5 – Eps 81&82

25th October 2021 Sue Rodwell Smith 0
Chantelle is doing Vicky’s nails. Confides that Alastair proposed and she’s undecided If you’re not sure, you must refuse, says Vicky. Don’t sleepwalk into marriage. […]

Season 5 Eps 53&54

11th July 2021 Sue Rodwell Smith 0
The business partners have completed their hairdressing trials with the two candidates – Sharon and Amanda. They ask each other what they thought… Fiona said […]

Season 5 Eps 11&12

13th February 2021 Sue Rodwell Smith 0
The wedding couple plus parents are checking out the wedding venue together Charlotte and Raymond point out faults – peeling paint, dirty windows. Charlotte’s sure […]

Season 5 Eps 5&6

23rd January 2021 Sue Rodwell Smith 0
Sam’s having her dress fitting. Rachel’s emotional – you look amazing… They struggle to keep the kids still long enough for them to be fitted, […]

Season 4 – Eps 51&52

6th September 2020 Sue Rodwell Smith 0
Alyson and Laura analyse recent product sales figures which are surprisingly good. Alyson explains that customers were impressed with their proactive refund policy. Charlotte and […]