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  I Love You Because by Jim Reeves


Sue Rodwell Smith

Production Director – Wavelength Productions

Sue has been with Huntingdon Community Radio for the last four years having cut her teeth on hospital radio at Addenbrookes.  She presents ‘HCRpm’ every Thursday from 2pm to 5pm, ‘Start Your Day’ at 4am to 6am, produces and directs our gold award winning soap drama ‘Huntsford’, managing a team of thirty people as well as managing Writer’s Corner and directing ‘Ambleforth Manor’.

HCR wish to announce a few changes to our drama programme schedules.  ‘Huntsford’ is back to  airing twice  a week on Tuesdays and Thursday at 10.25am and 3.25pm with an omnibus edition on Sundays at 3.25pm.  Every week day evening at 6.50 there will be a children’s bedtime story, 7.50am on a Saturday will be a children’s story and 2.45pm on a Sunday, Children’s Poetry Corner.

  • Monday:                       The Dinosaurs of Dino Dell
  • Tuesday:                      Carlos the Cat and Friends
  • Wednesday:                 The Adventures of Trisky & Freddie
  • Thursday:                     The McMini Family
  • Friday:                           Little Blue Duck and his adventures
  • Saturday:                       Children’s Saturday Story
  • Sunday:                         Children’s Poetry Corner


  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday:          Short Story  @ 3.25
  • Every weekday:                               Poetry Corner  2.45pm
  • Sunday:                                           Story at Midnight @ 11.50
  • Scribbler’s Hour:          Last Wednesday of every month –  poetry and a live interview with a writer @ 7pm
  • Ambleforth Manor:                    ditto   @ 7.40pm


  • Nominee – ‘Huntsford’ – Arts & Creative – Community Radio Awards 2017
  • Gold –        ‘Huntsford’ – Arts & Creative – Community Radio Awards 2018
  • Bronze –     Sage Presenter of the Year  –    Community Radio Awards 2019

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