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The Sky TOnight

The Sky TOnight – our monthly astronomy show presented by Pete Singleton.

Our resident astronomers are Paul Fellows FRAS, Chair of the Cambridge Astronomical Association and Jonathan Clough FRAS, also of that association. Each month, we look at the latest developments in space from NASA, its International Space Station and its plans to return humankind to the moon, ESA, Roscosmos, SpaceX, Boeing, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic together with the developing space programs of China, UAE, India and others.

We also look at what can be seen in the night sky during the coming month and give advice on how best to see the stars and planets, together with news of forthcoming events by local astronomy associations and clubs. If you have a question, please email skytonight@hcrfm.co.uk and we will do our best to mention it in the following month’s show. Our experts will always have an answer!

There is a partial eclipse of the sun on Thursday 10 June 2021. In the UK, it will look like a ‘bite’ has been taken out of the sun!  Listen to our contributor to The Sky Tonight Paul Fellows FRAS as he tells us more in his Planetarium Show.
Paul is Chairman of the Cambridge Astronomical Association.
WARNING! Do not look directly at the sun without proper protection.

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