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Ambleforth Manor

7.40pm on the last Wednesday of every month

The Drama Department of Huntingdon Community Radio are delighted to announce a new 15 minute comedy drama series ‘Ambleforth Manor’ written by local author, Patrick MacDonald.  The comedy will be aired during ‘Scribbler’s Hour’ commencing 30th September 2020.  Ambleforth Manor is a run down country house owned by the Colonel, his new Bulgarian bride and his son and daughter.  The house is maintained by a butler, housekeeper and gardener and a decision has been made to open the house to the public to bring in much needed funds.  Listen in at 7.40pm on the last Wednesday of every month to hear the antics of all  in ‘Ambleforth Manor’.

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Cast & Characters

The Colonel – played by Ben West

In his early sixties, having served in the army, attaining the rank of Captain. He’s happy to let everyone believe he was a Colonel. Fond of hunting and shooting on his estate but his real passion is his model railway set. Catchphrase: Hally Hoo (deliberate mispronunciation of Tally Ho). The Colonel’s estate has fallen on hard times and he now allows the public to visit the house and gardens to try and improve its finances. The private parts of the house and gardens are roped off to prevent access to the public. He has two children and named them after his favourite comedy duo Laurel and Hardy.

Laurel – played by Jacqui Powell

Laurel is in her mid-twenties, and believes herself to be very spiritual. She insists she can hear the voices of the dead and that everyone has an aura. She runs her own business on the estate giving massages and performing Reiki. Laurel has a very kind soul, adores her father and always has a sunny disposition. She sees good in everybody.

Hardy played by Stuart Nunn

Hardy is the first born and thoroughly spoilt. Went to public school where he scraped through his exams mainly due to his idleness. He tried working as a stock broker, a spell at Christie’s Auction House and now, in his early 30’s just spends his days playing golf, thanks to an inheritance from an uncle. Both he and his sister are single and fairly close. Hardy still lives at the Manor mainly because his father pays for everything, where else would he live in such a grand house?

Olga – played by Jackie Tevlin

Olga is Bulgarian and the Colonel wooed her on the internet. Her arrival in the UK to marry the Colonel was not what she expected but she decided to ‘suck it and see’. It’s was her idea to open the house to the public which means everyone has to work, including Hardy!

James, the Butler played by Patrick Ruddy

James is a Scott, in his eighties and has been with the Colonel since the year dot. He does everything extremely slowly and is overly fastidious. He insists on cleaning the Colonel’s shoes whilst he is still wearing them, lifting people’s plates while they are still eating so he can remove crumbs from the table and taking their wine away so the glasses can be cleaned before they have finished it. James introduces guests to the Manor by sounding the kill tune on his horn. He also uses this to call people to meals.

Agatha, the Cook/Housekeeper played by Tina Yates

Agatha is married to Tom the Gardener. She does not like the idea at all of opening the house to the public, much more to clean. She continually removes the ropes to keep the public out of certain rooms because they get in the way of her hoovering and cleaning which means members of the public can sometimes be found straying into bedrooms and the dining room. Since the death of the Colonel’s first wife, she has taken over cooking for the family but alas her cooking skills leave a lot to be desired.

Tom, the Gardner played by Roger Emms

A lovely old soul, who spends most of his time in the garden mainly to get away from his ever nagging wife Agatha. He looks after the gardens on the estate and is horrified that the public will be trampling over his beautifully manicured lawns. The estate has a well established walled kitchen garden which provides the house most of the year with fruit and vegetables.

Ad hoc female roles – Fi Fish & Gilly Young
Ad hoc male roles – Neil Arthur & John McCusker

Patrick MacDonald – Writer