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Writers Corner

Writer’s Corner is six fold.  ‘Children’s Corner’ is aired every Sunday at 2.25 pm with children’s stories and poems, ‘Story at Midnight’ every Sunday at 11.45 pm stories with an adult theme of up to 1,500 words,  ‘Scribblers’ Hour’ a live show on the last Wednesday of every month at 7 pm  interviewing writers, ‘Short Story’ up to 700 words aired at 3.25 pm every Wednesday,  ‘Poetry Corner’ every Thursday afternoon at 2.25 pm and Children’s Bedtime Stories, Monday to Friday at 6.50 pm.  The stories are:

Mondays:          ‘The Dinosaurs of Dino Dell’ written & narrated by Alice Goulding

Tuesdays:          ‘Adventures of Carlos the Cat’ written by Graham Emmett & narrated by Uncle Roger

Wednesdays:    ‘Triskys Adventures’ – written & narrated by Crazy Grandma

Thursdays:         Ad hoc stories – various authors

Fridays:              ‘Tales from the Little Blue Duck’ written & narrated by Lyn Perryment

All are included in the Writer’s Corner Podcast which is updated weekly.

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Here are the contributors to Writers’ Corner.  As you can see from their individual biographies, they are everyday people who have a love for creative writing and I am delighted with their individual contributions.  Sue Rodwell Smith – Head of Drama

Isabel Cooke

Isabel is 68 years young and has lived in Huntingdonshire since she was 8 years old attending Slepe Hall School until its closure. Happily married for many years to a local man who recently passed away, Isabel is also mother to three children. She has always enjoyed writing poetry and is currently writing a book. Writing gives Isabel the freedom to express her vivid imagination and life through her eyes. In her younger years Isabel had two poems published but could not pursue her hobby due to being a full-time mum, working part time at Hartford Infant School and caring for elderly neighbours.   Age wisdom coupled with a life changing disability enables her to see things with fresh eyes. Isabel now has time to give her creative writing time to grow and flourish which she shares with family, friends and carers.

Kevin Dalley

Kevin, now retired, spent all of his working life in the Royal Air Force, as an Air Traffic Controller for 35 years and then in other roles as they came along. He has many interests: church bell ringing; giving presentations on Bomber Command in the 2nd World War, live theatre, singing with The Huntingdon Male Voice Choir, cricket at Lords and actively supporting The Key Theatre Club in Peterborough.  Experienced in public speaking, Writer’s Corner is delighted that Kevin has joined us as one of the narrators on ‘Story at Midnight’ and the voice of Carlos the Cat in ‘Childrens’ Corner’.

Graham Emmett

Born in Berkshire in 1960, Graham moved up to Huntingdonshire in 1971 when his father’s workplace moved to East Anglia from Slough. Not his favourite subject at school, Graham much preferred History, Geography and Science to English and Secondary School was followed by 3 years at Huntingdonshire Regional College, before progressing to Hatfield Polytechnic. Graham then joined a small, specialised engineering company, where he still works. Despite following a scientific and technical career path, Graham could always conjure up an interesting storyline and joined the Needingworth Scribblers four years ago – after seeing how much fun his mother, Rosemary was having there. Graham plucked up his courage, took the plunge and joined the group and was soon writing his popular ‘Cat’ children‘s stories, which are now firm favourites in the Children’s Section of Writer’s Corner….and the rest, as they say, is History! Talking of History, Graham is currently writing a ‘Spy’ novel and ensuring the factual accuracy of his plots; believing that unless a plot is credible and historically accurate, it will not be a success.

Rosemary Emmett

Rosemary was born in Berkshire  and grew up with a brother,  nine years her junior, to whom she  became  a mother figure early on when her mother died  tragically young. Her mother’s early death meant that Rosemary had no opportunity to stay on at school but was always an avid reader with English  her best subject. Rosemary, husband Ken and two children moved to Holywell in 1971 where she worked at Holywell School for many years and wrote stories for the children, which they all loved. Sadly Ken died in 2013 and by this time Rosemary had entered and been ‘highly commended’ in several short story competitions. Rosemary has been a  Needingworth Scribbler for many years  and runs  the poetry sub-group from her home; although writing short stories, for both adults and children, is her first love.

Roger Emms

Roger was born in North London on the 26th April 1944.   He left grammar school at 16 with 4 0-levels.  He subsequently married and moved to Fenstanton in 1973 and subsequently to Wyton in 1979.  Roger’s first job was as a local newspaper reporter, then into sales and sales management and finally training and education director for a large USA company covering Europe and many other places and countries as far apart as San Paolo and Singapore.  The main focus of his activity was communication and public speaking courses, he then drifted into retirement in the first decade of the 21st century. His main hobbies are Huntingdon Community Radio, Amdram, gliding instructing and breeding exotic butterflies and moths.  We are delighted that he is a member of Huntsford, Brightside and the voice of Carlos the Cat in the children’s section narrating as Uncle Roger.

Jean Fairbairn

Born in Guildford, Surrey, Jean grew up in one of the many commuter-villages in leafy Surrey. Jean had her first short-story, published in 2004 and later won several local poetry competitions. She is a Needingworth Scribbler, a member of the Bridge Poets of St Ives and an associate of the Huntingdon Writers Group. She has just published a book of her own  poems, “The First Fifteen” in conjunction with her editor, Collette Parker of 2020 Communications and is working on “The Second Fifteen.


Brenda Gillam (aka Crazy Grandma)

Born in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Brenda-Gillian grew up in Cherry Hinton until the age of 8 when the family moved to Wantage in Oxfordshire. She published her first book Maiseerola and the Purple Sweets in 2014, followed by Alfie Bear in 2017 and Thomas and Del Boy go to Mars in  2018. The three books are each dedicated to her grandchildren Amelia-Rose, Alfie and Thomas. She considers herself to be a ‘teller of stories’ having spent many years coaxing her grandchildren to go to sleep! Brenda-Gillian works at Hinchingbrooke Business Park as a Finance Manager and in her spare time she enjoys painting and drawing, a passion which she shares with her grandchildren as well as walking and cycling around the local beauty spots.

Alison Goulding

Born in Edinburgh, Alice Goulding studied Chemistry at Sheffield university and her first job was a computer programmer for a retail company in London. After taking a career break to become a stay at home Mum for her four children, Alice went back to work as a teaching assistant. After a brief flirtation with teacher training decided it was not for her, instead she started writing in 2013, transporting herself to imaginary worlds, where there is always a happy ending. She is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association and belongs to two writing groups. The Needingworth Scribblers writing group has recently published in their Anthology, Twisted Tales and Alice was one of the editors. Alice has also completed a selective writing course in London with the Curtis Brown Agency.

Helen O’Mahony

Helen studied social sciences at University in Northern Ireland and went on to be a social worker in London, shortly after graduation. She later changed career, having returned to study pharmacy as a mature student at the Chelsea School of Pharmacy in London. Following graduation she worked as a hospital pharmacist in St Albans, Hemel Hempstead and Hitchin.  Helen moved to Bluntisham, Cambridgeshire in the year 2000, with her husband David, a senior distribution manager in a large insurance company. As a hobby she took up creative writing, attending evening classes at the local college. There she met Joan Tucker, from Needingworth, with whom she set up the Scribblers’ Writing group, in 2011. The Scribblers meet several times a month and are a talented group of people. Their regular activities include fun writing exercises, competitions, poetry, short stories and novel writing, all of which are thriving. Their creativity is fuelled with tea and Joan’s home-made lemon cake. Helen particularly enjoys writing short stories and poetry, finding inspiration from nature, childhood memories and personal experiences.

Virginia Mayo

Ginnie is a published children’s author and illustrator of picture books by Hutchinson (Random House), Virginia graduated from Brighton Art College in 1979.  In 2002 Virginia was shocked to discover that she had MS after collapsing with an illness.  Now disabled, from that time her ambitions changed and she became an artist and poet. In 2012, she relocated again and is happily living in Godmanchester, moving to be near the MS Therapy centre in Huntingdon. A member of Needingworth Scribblers, with her artist’s studio in the garden, she has had one-woman exhibitions at Dolphin Hotel St Ives (2017) and Old Bridge Hotel, Huntingdon (2019).  She currently writes a blog on Facebook: Jackson the Dachshund’s Thoughts for the day (our strange “new normal” world seen through the eyes of her dachshund pup) and illustrates his walks in her sketchbook

Felicity Radcliffe

Felicity was born in Surrey but grew up in Essex, Manchester and Suffolk. She studied French and German at the University of St Andrews and had a long, eventful career in marketing and management consultancy, during which she obtained her MBA and worked all over the UK and Europe as well as in China and India. Felicity has lived in the Huntingdon area since the 1990s and is a member of Huntingdon Writers’ Group. She has always wanted to write novels and short stories and finally realised her ambition in March 2019 with the publication of her first novel, ‘The Dark Side of the Book Club’, inspired by the real life book club in the small village where she lives. During her free time, Felicity loves exploring the canals on her narrowboat with her husband and dog and the waterways provide the setting for her second novel, which she is currently writing.

Colin Reeves

In the 1990’s, Colin worked as a learning assistant in an infant school where he had the desire to be a children’s author.   He signed up for a correspondence course but while one assignment wasn’t working very well  he attempted to write a story in verse.  Very unfortunately, this was not appreciated by the tutor so Colin left the course but continued to writing.  Over the years Colin had the occasional poem published in Anthologies by Poetry, now in Peterborough. In hindsight, Colin realised that his work was below average but he continued his passion for writing hoping to improve.  In 2012, following the loss of his brother, Colin became a baptised Christian and he now feels he has improved enough to share his poetry with others via Facebook and at his Church.
Encouragement from his niece has spurred him on to find an audience for his poetry and HCR are delighted he has used our platform to air his poems.


John Sissons

John is retired and lives with his wife Mary in the village of Colne. As a youngster, he enjoyed the rural life of Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire and villages in Shropshire. During further education, he studied agricultural science and chemistry, and awarded a PhD from Reading University. Subsequently, he was employed in the National Institute for Research in Dairying, and later worked for an international company based in St. Louis, Missouri. John’s love of telling yarns stems from listening to fireside tales  told by his Grandfather. More recently, his passion has been nurtured through adult education courses on creative writing, and as a member of the Huntingdon Writers Group. His endeavour is to write and narrate stories that have elements of curiosity and humour.

Julie Stevens (Jumping Jules)

Julie has had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for over 25 years and was a teacher and a successful athlete and musician. Nowadays, her MS has progressed so much she needs sticks, wheelchair or a mobility scooter to move around. Long since retired from teaching Julie now dedicates her time to her family. Her love for music continues still playing piano and saxophone, and listening to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Patti Smith, Jack White, REM and the Manic Street Preachers. Julie loves writing poetry and her poems tend to reflect the impact MS has had on her life, as well as other topics close to her heart.  She states “writing poems is my escape from everything” and we are delighted to have Julie on board. Her pen name is ‘Jumping Jules Poetry’ and her website ‘jumpingjulespoetry.com

Joan Tucker

Joan is the co-founder of the Scribblers Writing Group of Needingworth, with Helen O’Mahony, eight years later, the group is still going strong and collectively the members are becoming more widely known. Joan has always loved reading and listening to stories and comes from a long line of storytellers, her mother being the best of all. Her local library was only five minutes’ walk away from where she grew up in Birkenhead (near Liverpool) and Joan permanently had her head in a book and an endless supply of reading matter. At 11 years old, a friend introduced her to Hugh Walters, a Science Fiction author, and Joan was hooked.  Joan writes stories as if she is watching a film and although she usually has a plot planned in her head, her characters tend to write their own plotlines and she lets them lead her to wherever they want to go, rather than the other way around. A Star Trek fan, Joan writes with other Star Trek fans from around the world, who have become great friends. “Writing a story is an amazing experience, which takes me on a journey; from the deepest ocean, to the farthest reaches of outer space, I am off flying my Starship. Try it!”

Andrea Weeding

In 1976, when she was a girl, Andrea and family moved from a town to rural Hertfordshire. This grew her love of the natural world. At college, she studied Art and Horticulture, gaining City & Guilds and a BSc. Honour’s in Horticulture with Garden Design.  After having her Horticultural career terminated by illness and moving to Bluntisham in 2000, she wrote poetry to finish her paintings, and short fairy tales. Andrea met Helen and Joan of Scribblers, while studying creative writing and immediately joined their inspiring group.  Andrea writes passionate poems and stories about nature and human interactions. She also paints commissioned portraits and landscapes.

Tina Yates

Now in its third season, Tina plays ‘Charlotte’ in HCR’s soap drama ‘Huntsford’. She has spent most of her career, around 34 years, as a research scientist and then as a Government advisor.   Writing poetry has been an outlet with which to express her imagination; the total antithesis to scientific writing. Writing poetry is as individual as a piece of art work and what touches one person won’t interest another. To her, poetry is a way of capturing a thought, or a feeling in a short space, trying to enhance the emotion with the rhythm of the words. If other people can enjoy some of her poems as well, then to her it is a wonderful bonus.