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HCR104fm’s GOLD AWARD WINNING re-launched soap drama is set in a small market town called Huntsford in the middle of the English countryside. Huntsford lives in a parallel universe version of our world, which is necessarily fictitious. Whilst Huntsford picks up on themes and issues that have a resonance here today, it simultaneously provides an escape from our here and now.

It is broadcast two days a week with an omnibus edition on Sunday at 3.25pm and airs morning and afternoon at 10.25am and 3.25pm. It aims at the audience listening at that time, and the stories are designed to be recognisable to that demographic. The drama is built by a team of 30 volunteers ranging in age from 20 to 76 from all walks of life. The Huntsford team comprises two recording engineers, a producer/director, four script writers and 22 actors. The team have three seasons under their belt and are able to produce material to the exacting schedule required by a radio soap. Enthusiasm and commitment are useful weapons in the armoury.  A pop-up studio is erected monthly when eight episodes are recorded. The Green Room next to the studio is always buzzing on recording day. The more experienced, motivate, coach, and encourage the less confident.

Action is based around three businesses and the Red Lion pub, Wavelengths hair salon recently merged with Trimming World, Carmella’s Cafe, and Bob’s Garage.

Wavelengths joint-owner Raymond Webb tries to attract the upper echelons of society, and golf club membership puts him in the right circles. Fiona Carter brings stability to the ship. Raymond’s daughter Sam is also a stylist. Charlotte Webb, Raymond’s long-suffering wife, is the Independent Member of Parliament for Huntsford. She raises local issues in Parliament and is a conduit for topical storylines.

Alyson former owner of Trimming World and her staff Jordan and Laura, have thrown their lot in with Wavelengths. Enmities and rivalries are now focussed in the one salon.

Carmella’s café, the centre for all local gossip, is frequented by all the staff at the hair salon, and the garage. The atmosphere is always buzzing.  Carmella has a son, Mario, who is a stylist at Wavelengths. Mario’s best mate is Ryan Alyson’s son.

Chantelle who runs her Beaty salon within Wavelengths was married to Dave Murdie, in his younger day’s guitarist in a successful rock band. Dave was murdered by Carmella’s brother Silvio in the climax to season 1.  It transpires that Dave was in fact Mario’s natural father.

Bob’s Garage is run by Bob Roberts and his son Robbie. Both Bob and Robbie are successful mechanics and the business is doing well, so much so, they need to take on a couple of apprentices.

What does the future hold for Fiona and Jade?   Will Trimming World and Wavelengths ever “get along” now they are in one salon? Will Raymond ever learn that the Golf Club isn’t the centre of the universe? Will Mario and Ryan eventually make a success of their band?  Plenty of material to sustain the Huntsford community for many years to come.

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The Huntsford Team

Huntsford is made up of dozens of volunteers who live and breathe drama, and more specifically – love audio! We have a dedicated team of actors, script writers, editors and audio wizards who make Huntsford sound like it does.  Meet the cast and crew here.

Andrew Moore
Script Manager 2017 – 2020

Angie Pike
Fiona Carter

Co-owner of Wavelengths. Trained as a hairdresser in London and is eager to make Wavelengths a success. Fiona is bi-sexual and her relationship with her lover Jade finished at the end of Season 3.

Becky Zarate
Chantelle Murdie

Widow of Dave Murdie, ex rock star, who unfortunately left her penniless. She now runs a beauty salon in Wavelengths. Comes across as a bit ditsy but she knows what she wants and will go out and get it.

Ben West
Raymond Webb

Co-owner of Wavelengths, he regards himself as the more senior partner. Spends most of his time at the golf club courting the upper echelons of society. Married to Charlotte and father to Samantha, he has a kind heart but regularly puts his foot in it, leaving Fiona and Charlotte to sort out his mess.

Beryl-Anne Whitehead
Carmella O’Brien 2017 – 2020

Carol Hooper
Laura White 2017 –

Laura worked for Alyson at Trimming World and still works as a stylist with Alyson at Wavelengths. Married to Dan, with a three year old daughter Millie and a three month old son Samuel. Had to return to work very soon after Samuel was born, as Dan lost his job.

Carolyn Tycer
Doreen Doyle 2020 –

Derek Doyle grew up in Huntsford where he married and had son Liam. His wife left him so he became friendly with Bob Roberts as the only two single fathers at the school gate. He left Huntsford when Liam was 9 and after treatment and an operation transitioned to become Doreen. A very keen motor cyclist, Doreen rides a Harley Davidson.

Chloe Fegan-Webb
Samantha Webb 2017 –

Daughter of Charlotte and Raymond, Samantha is a stylist at Wavelengths. Will always side with Fiona against Raymond and prefers to be called Sam. She finished her relationship with Robbie and is now in love with Mario after a very unfortunate incident when on holiday in Thailand.

Dawn Howitt
Anne Jamieson 2017-2020

Born with spina bifida and in a wheelchair, she is outspoken, very bright and works for the council, focussing on education, especially for disabled people. Turned down promotion as a radical activist for the disabled. She is a member of the local WI.

Elaine Lamdin
Vicky Sanderson 2017 –

Elaine works in Carmella’s Café and puts up with Carmella’s demands. Married to Pete, who is always off sick and spends most of his time in the pub or betting shop. Has two sons who are well known to the local police. Also works as the house manager for Raymond and Chantelle.

Eve Daniel
Mia Green 2019

Felicity Radcliffe
Script Manager 2019 –

March 2019 saw the publication of Felicity’s first novel, ‘The Dark Side of the Book Club’, inspired by the real life book club in the small village where she lives. During her free time, Felicity loves exploring the canals on her narrowboat with her husband and dog and the waterways provide the setting for her second novel, which she is currently writing.

Fiona Fish
Carmella O’Brien 2020 –

Owner of the local café, which is very busy. She is very demanding of her staff and has high standards. Her son Mario was the love child of an affair she had with Dave Murdie, now deceased, who was a rock star. Mario is now in the local band.

Gayner Saggers
Becky Barnes 2017-2020

Becky worked with Alyson but recently had a brain tumour and had to leave. She is now a staunch member of the WI and helps with the Timebank.

Gill Hanby (In Memoriam)
Sandra Pinkerton 2017-2018

Gilly Young
PC Sarah Evans 2017 –

The local bobby on the beat and very well respected. Now single, as her husband left her after four years of marriage. She has turned down promotion many times as she prefers to remain on the beat and build relationships with the locals.

Helen Kewley
Script Writer 2017 –

Jacqui Powell
Fiona Carter 2017 – 2019

Jane Wicks
Brenda Thomas 2017 – 2019

Jayne McKerchar-Kaye
Alyson Sutton 2017 –

Alyson’s hairdressing salon, Trimming World, went under and she now rents space at rival salon, Wavelengths. She has a son, Ryan, who is a barman at the Red Lion. She is quite feisty and if she doesn’t agree with someone, she will let them know. Worked as an escort (nonsexual) and was hired by Adam when he needed a dinner companion for a work function.

Jean Fairbairn
Script Writer 2020 –

Jean is a Needingworth Scribbler, a member of the Bridge Poets of St Ives and an associate of the Huntingdon Writers Group. She has just published a book of her own poems, “The First Fifteen” in conjunction with her editor, Collette Parker of 2020 Communications and is working on “The Second Fifteen.”

John McCusker
Duncan McGuire 2017 –

Duncan is the Landlord of the Red Lion and has two children, Jordan and Tommy. A no nonsense Scot, he runs the pub as a very tight ship, with both children having to work behind the bar when required. Jordan, the eldest, gets a bit of a hard time, while Tommy is the apple of Duncan’s eye.

Julie Daniel
Script Writer 2017 – 2019

Lyn Perryment
Jade Wilson 2019 – 2020

Neil Arthur
Trevor Gordon 2020 –

A new addition to the team in although this is well hidden. Comes across as everyone’s friend, and women in particular confide in him.

Nick Thompson
Huntsford Theme Tune Composer

Patrick Ruddy
Alistair Murray 2020 –

A suave, intelligent and cultured older man who’s a hit with the ladies – he talks a good job and they fall for his lines, a bit of a player but he’s not all he seems?

Pete Waughman
Dan White/Nick Green/Ryan Marshall 2020 –

Nick Green. Husband of Heather. A very successful businessman who lives in a very big house in Huntsford. On the face of it a happy marriage but nothing is what it seems! Dan White from Birmingham originally. Husband to Laura who wants a job as a mechanic. Bob at the garage is considering this.

Roger Emms
Bob Roberts 2017 –

Bob is the proprietor of the local garage, which he started after he retired from the Army and which he runs with his son Robbie. The business is successful and he is now approaching retirement.

Ryan Brown
Ryan Marshall 2017 – 2020

Steve Kaye
Adam Pinkerton 2017 –

Bob is the proprietor of the local garage, which he started after he retired from the Army and which he runs with his son Robbie. The business is successful and he is now approaching retirement.

Stewart Bean
Post Production Engineer 2017 – 2019

Sonia Anderson
Judy Riley 2020 –

Judy is a new character introduced in Season 4. She runs an import/export business specialising in hair products. She sometimes has job lots of cheap products for sale, which she offers at very inflated prices. She has bought a large house on the outskirts of Huntsford, owns several flashy cars and is into obvious displays of wealth.

Stuart Nunn
Robbie Roberts 2017 – 202/Tommy McGuire 2020 –


Sue Rodwell Smith
Director/Producer/Editor 2017 –

Head of Drama and director of Huntsford. Background in amateur dramatics and ballet.

Tim Latham
Script Writer 2020 –

Tina Yates
Charlotte Webb 2017 –

A Member of Parliament and married to Raymond, the owner of Wavelengths. Has one child, Samantha, who works at Wavelengths and lives above the salon. Charlotte spends most of her time in London but, when in Huntsford, she is usually busy clearing up her husband’s faux pas.

Tony Irving
Mario O’Brien 2017-

Mario is the son of Carmella and of Dave Murdie. He only found out that Dave was his father when he was in his early 20s. Loves being in his band with Ryan, Dicko and Sam, and has now embarked upon a relationship with Sam. A very kind person who will always help out when he can.

Tom Askew
Ryan Marshall – 2020

Son of Alyson Sutton. In a band with his best mate Mario. He works shifts at the Red Lion and is in love with Mia. His feelings are not reciprocated.

Vikki Marchant
Rachel Matheson 2020 –

Born to Charlotte Webb and adopted after six weeks. Husband Ben and daughter Samantha were not told until Rachel was an adult. How will this affect her relationship with her husband and daughter? How will Samantha feel about thinking she was an only child now has a half sister?

Wendy Underwood
Heather Green 2017  –

The owner of Huntsford Antiques. She is married to Nick, a very wealthy business owner, who is extremely controlling. They have a daughter, Mia, who is away at University.