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Fiona Ritchie

Fiona was born and lived in Cornwall, moving to London in her early teens and ending up living in Bedfordshire to look after her nonagenarian mother. She started life as a croupier in London, and spent 1984 being paid to deal blackjack and roulette on the QEII while doing a world cruise. After realising she couldn’t stay awake much past four in the morning, which is when the casino closed, Fiona realised a change of career was in order and settled down to selling and advising patients and staff about oral care, specialising in Xerostomia (dry mouth syndrome). For a brief period Fiona ran her own company, and after a particularly difficult patch turned to writing about her childhood, simply to cheer herself up. This led to writing letters to friends and family during lockdown and Fi’s Ability – a memoir was published as a result in March 2022.