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Colin Hyams

Colin Hyams is one of the stations new boys although if you asked him his age he would truthfully answer “one of the oldest”.

Born in 1941, Colin grew up in Clapham, South London in the 1950s and 60s so he has an excellent history of the music of that period. Colin has had a varied CV. Being involved in the printing industry all his working life. Starting out with a typesetting apprenticeship, he went one to become Group Production Manager at Haymarket Publishing under politician Micheal Heseltine.

His last job prior to retirement in 2007 was Graphic Design Manager at the London Borough of Bromley. Colin has always been interested in politics and when moving to Godmanchester in 2003 seized the opportunity to stand for Huntingdonshire District Council and was given the cabinet role of looking after the area’s “rubbish” – amongst other things.

He went on to be a councillor for Cambridgeshire County Council. He was Mayor of Huntingdon in 2012 with Bill Hensley as his deputy. Colin is currently on Godmanchester Town Council where has been for 13 years, serving as Deputy Mayor three times. Colin has been married three times, losing his last two wives to cancer. He has three children, seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Favourite Meal: A well done steak with chips​
Favourite Artist/Group: Buddy Holly