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John Wilson

John began his radio experience at St Margaret’s hospital in Epping, Essex in 1986 and remained active there until 1997,  playing mainly 60’s music, and one month long RSL (restricted service broadcast), where john honed his skills doing “overnight” shifts from 2am until 6 in the morning. In 1994 he won the Golden Microphone Award, by his station which was called Radio Forest. In 1998 with his family he moved from Sawbridgeworth,  in Hertfordshire to Ramsey in Cambridgeshire, close to Huntingdon, where John became part of the broadcast team on Hinchingbrooke Hospital Radio, (a partner broadcaster to HCRfm),  where, as well as 60’s music, he started a “soft rock” show.

Shortly afterwards John was invited to present The Morning File on HCRfm from 11am until 2 during our annual RSL broadcasts. Then based in St Neots, HCRfm later migrated to studios just outside Huntingdon, and he is still on the HCRfm programme team. When the station goes full-time in spring 2010 John will present a weekly soft rock show, as part of HCRfm’s “special” music programmes which go out daily all week, from 8 until 10pm.

His favourite singer/songwriter is Neil Young, who he thinks is an absolute genius and he has a soft spot for the Beatles and the Beach Boys. John lives in Ramsey.

What do you like about Huntingdon and Ramsey where you live?

The people are friendly, and the area has nice attractions.

What would you have on your CD player?

John is no technophobe and prefers music on his IPod that has every Beatles album ever recorded on it, available at the touch of a button.

If you could go on a holiday tomorrow to any destination of your choice, where would it be?

John says the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey where the family enjoyed several vacations over the years, being attracted to both its Britishness, with a smattering of French culture. Oh, and John said not to forget the wonderful beaches and grand castle at Gore. They also enjoyed the parochial smallness of the tiniest ITV station in the UK, Channel Television, now known as CTV, famous for its coverage of Jambo the Gentle Giant panda at Jersey Zoo and the famous Jersey Battle of Flowers.

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