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Richard Crome

My first recollection of pop music was the song ‘The Yellow Rose Of Texas” in the early 1950’s, then we had the Rock & Roll era and the Teddy Boys  with their DA haircuts, come the 1960’s and it was time to start work with an apprenticeship in the Family Printing Firm.

Then along came Radio Caroline with round the clock pop music with my love of the Sea and Music, I would have loved to join them off Frinton on Sea but life moved on, met Girlfriend got Married, mortgage to pay, but on Retirement noticed advert in local paper for volunteers to join Hospital Radio, joined, and 4 weeks later was sat down in front of what looked like hundreds of knobs and things you moved up and down and with some help did a one hour request show, then some members joined Huntingdon Community Radio and persuaded me to join up too.

Lives: In Norfolk

Favourite Food: Fish & Chips. Steak & Chips Kentucky Chicken Cromer Crabs Scampi & Chips. Steak & Kidney Pudding Toad in the Hole

Hobbies: Gardening, Sea Fishing, Carpentry DIY. and Cycling.

Interests: Merchant Shipping 1910 to 1980