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Huntingdon Town Council’s 2023/24 Budget & Precept

On Thursday 29th February 2024, Huntingdon Town Council held an Extra Ordinary meeting of the Town Council, where the financial budget for the 2024/25 year was agreed.

Members resolved to set the 2024/25 Precept at £1,801,741, equating to a 9.2% increase on the Town Council’s 2023/24 precept. This represents a weekly increase of £0.40 per week on a Band D property, or £0.31 per week on a band B property. For those that pay via direct debit in 10 monthly payments, this represents an increase of £2.09 per month for Band D properties and £1.63 per month for Band B properties. Most properties in Huntingdon are band B.

The precept equates to 53.4% of the Huntingdon Town Council’s income, with other income (35.9%) coming from the crematorium and cemeteries, rental income from council owned properties, and grass cutting and verge maintenance on behalf of other local authorities. The final portion of budgeted income (10.7%) will be from existing reserves and investments.

Philip Peacock, Town Clerk for Huntingdon Town Council said “The Town Council is fully aware that no one likes to see an increase in the Precept, but like every household, the town council faces increased costs for providing the statutory services of the council. The Town Council is also mindful that we are still living in a cost-of-living crisis and want to ensure we are able to support residents through our services. Therefore the increase has been kept as low as possible, while still maintaining a balanced budget.”

Cllr Brian Luckham, Chair of Huntingdon Town Council’s Finance Committee said “It has been an extremely rigorous process to set this year’s budget and precept, with staff and councillors attending several extra meetings, including one lasting past midnight, to ensure the Town Council can set a balanced budget. We will continue to work hard to ensure our residents receive excellent value for money for the high quality services we offer.”

Press release from Huntingdon Town Council dated 6th March 2024