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Season 4 – Eps 39&40

Raymond has let Nick persuade him to have a one-to-one with Heather at Peniston.  Charlotte is angry – you were weak. You’ll agree to anything in the golf club bar. Chantelle reports that early sales of the new track are encouraging – not massive.  It has also been chosen as the soundtrack to the title sequence for a new TV show.  Your friend Doreen is rather forward, isn’t she? (Doreen has gone to the loo).  Not normally, says Bob – I think she fancies you!

Alyson and Laura have both tried out samples at home and loved them.  Alyson confirms they want to place an order- she has written down what she needs.  Rehearsal has gone really well–Mario and others congratulate Tommy. Nick confronts Heather, – how dare she make a fool of him, by leaving, attempting suicide etc. Full extent of narcissistic control becomes apparent.


Season 4 – Eps 39&40

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