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Season 4 – Eps 43&44

    • Alyson and Laura confess that customers have complained about Judy’s products
    • The samples were great but the products are poor quality
    • Sam reports back on the Zoom call with Raymond, Charlotte, half sister and family
    • Was daunted at first – house looked really posh and adopted daughter is very pretty
    • Robbie has been out early to pick up a broken down car from a customer’s hours
    • While he was out he saw Heather getting into Adam’s car – what is going on there?
    • Alyson and Laura confront Judy when she comes in to book an appointment
    • Judy is contrite but makes an excuse -they must have had a bad batch
    • Chantelle buys Adam a drink to say thanks for recommending lawyer -he’s great
    • Tells Adam the song has been picked as soundtrack for new TV show
    • Sam and Mario packing for holiday, getting tetchy, can’t find passports
    • Mario says Sam was supposed to have packed them – Sam denies it and they row

Season 4 – Eps 43&44

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