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  All My Love by Jeff Lynne's Elo

Season 5 – Eps 41&42

  • Alyson and Laura apologise to Fiona for gossiping about her and Raymond
  • They’ve brought in a bag of baby clothes as a gesture of goodwill
  • The radio station launch is imminent and Heather’s excited. Rehearsals have gone well; they’ve got a great schedule and quite a few local businesses advertising…
  • Adam hates to burst her bubble, but he’s run the numbers and it’s not looking good
  • The newlyweds arrive back from honeymoon – tanned, happy and relaxed
  • They discover they will be able to exchange on their new house later that week
  • Alastair tries to get Chantelle to book a holiday at a posh hotel in The Caribbean
  • He tells her she’s working too hard; he’s worried about her, she needs to relax…
  • Jordan tells Ryan about the job offer from Charlotte. She explains that she’ll be in London 2-3 nights per week and working from home the rest of the time…
  • Ryan’s threatened. You’re not going to want me any more now you’ve got this posh new job. You’ll meet some high-powered guy and I’ll be history…
  • Fiona tells Raymond about Alyson and Laura’s apology and shows him the baby stuff
  • Good, he says. You’re going to need all the support you can get. Babies are draining..
Huntingdon Community Radio
Huntingdon Community Radio
Season 5 - Eps 41&42