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  Knock On Wood by Eddie Floyd

Season 6 – Eps 1&2

  • Bob has completed his first babysitting stint for Fiona. Daytime stint set up in C1
  • He and Jasper have had a great time. The baby has been washed, changed, and fed
  • The pub has just closed, and Duncan is tired. He goes upstairs – it’s sparkling clean
  • Thanks Vicky for her hard work. Makes a change, she says. Never thanked at home
  • The posse are planning their cycling routes and discussing Charlotte’s accident
  • Every cyclist has the right to cycle in safety, says PC Evans. I’ve had an idea…
  • Fiona comes back part-time. Has hired child minder to look after Jasper in her home.
  • The posse are discussing how to revitalise Huntsford Cycling Club
  • They all ate and drank loads over Christmas and want to lose weight – NY resolution
  • Judy wants to hold a dinner party and ask Duncan and PC Evans. Bob isn’t keen
  • He doesn’t like entertaining at home, but Judy’s adamant. We must make an effort
Season 6 - Eps 1&2