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Season 6 – Eps 59&60

  • It’s lunchtime. Charlotte orders a large G&T. Doreen is surprised to see her
  • Agrees she’s hardly a regular, unlike her husband, and doesn’t normally drink at lunchtime, but she needs some Dutch courage before she faces Fiona…
  • Charlotte arrives at the salon a bit worse for wear. Alyson asks if she’s OK…
  • Fine, she says. Just do my usual bob – nothing outrageous for boring old Charlotte!
  • Alyson finishes blow drying Charlotte’s hair, then leads her to reception desk
  • At that moment Fiona walks in, and Charlotte totally loses it. Screams at Fiona
  • The launch party is a huge success. Chantelle and Laura are excited and relieved
  • Everyone has been complimenting them and they have taken loads of bookings
  • Adam asks Heather what’s wrong. She says she dumped Neil as he’s a player…
  • Adam gently tells her she could do better. She deserves the best and shouldn’t waste time with anyone who offers anything less…
  • Charlotte’s upset. Confesses to Jordan that her marriage is under pressure
  • I know, says Jordan. I heard about the showdown in Wavelengths. Can I be honest?
Season 6 - Eps 59&60