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Season 7 – Eps 71&72

  • Carmella says Mario has returned from tour. It went well, but he’s dissatisfied
  • She tells them how Matt prioritises Sam and treats Mario like a session musician
  • Raymond tells Doreen that Charlotte has said he can buy a motorbike. He’s excited
  • He’s going to get a Honda Fireblade. Doreen says that’s unwise – too powerful/fast
  • The honeymooners have enjoyed their Eurostar journey, but now Raymond’s upset
  • The area around the station is seedy. He thought Paris was supposed to be romantic
  • Sarah’s back from holiday. Tells Neil she had a fab time. What has she missed?
  • Not much, says Neil. We’ve got a load of drug dealers from the Addington in custody
  • Jordan has been adding content to the charity’s website. Links to PTSD resources
  • Not just therapists/treatment centres – also breathing exercises, mindfulness etc.
  • That was quick, says Neil. Are you done with those interviews already, Sarah?
  • No, she says – I need you to join me. The drug dealers want to do a deal with us
Season 7 - Eps 71&72