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Season 7 – Eps 73&74

  • Sharon and Alyson say it was nice to meet Barry The Physics Teacher at the wedding
  • Their conclusion: nerdy but sort of hot – and a great mover. Fiona has chosen well
  • Mario says maybe now they’re at home, they’ll relax and be able to make a baby
  • Maybe, says Sam. Matt rings – she puts him on speaker. He has exciting news
  • Duncan visits to welcome Tommy back and talk to him about what Bianca said
  • She told him Tommy had a bad experience in jail – is that right, son? Offers to help
  • Bianca and Sharon arrive for Moll’s inaugural Kundalini yoga class. Sharon’s nervous
  • They meet Alyson, who’s waiting for Fiona and Laura. The class is quite full. Sharon worries about showing herself up – she’s so unfit! Bianca and Alyson reassure her
  • Laura pops in for a takeaway lunch and tells the ladies she’s doing the cycle ride
  • Just the novice ride as she’s not that fit. Dan’s doing the elite race – rarely cycles
  • Alyson has made dinner for Neil. He brought a fancy bottle of wine and is cheerful
  • Ali says he looks a lot less tired, like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders
Season 7 - Eps 73&74