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Season 7 – Eps 77&78

  • Barry and Fiona are taking Jasper to the park. Fi says Barry was a hit at the wedding
  • She’s glad her friends like him – but Jasper does too, and that’s far more important
  • Vicky makes Sam a toastie. Carmella says Mario came round the other day, unhappy
  • Carmella’s proud of Sam’s success, but her son’s fragile male ego is being battered
  • Raymond has just ridden his new motorbike for the first time and is buzzing
  • He thanks Charlotte for letting him follow his dream. You’re doing the same she says
  • Tommy asks Ryan and Jordan if he can invite Duncan and Bianca over that evening
  • He needs to tell them all something. They both say yes, although Ryan will be out
  • Adam visits Moll in her shop. Says he has heard good reports about her yoga class
  • He wants to know if she would like to do a series of programmes on wellness issues
  • Tom reveals he was abused in jail. Thanks Bianca for helping him speak out
  • Duncan’s all for going after those responsible, but Tommy doesn’t want that
Season 7 - Eps 77&78